02 Aug '19 - We've got our hands full as Sunny, who came to us on 22nd July heavily pregnant, has given birth to 9 gorgeous puppies!  Mum and babies are all doing well.

19 Apr '19 - Olive arrived with us this week, one of over 50 dogs, cats and other animals left stranded without food at an illegal gold mining site in the jungle following a Government raid involving hundreds of army commandos and police officers.

05 Jul ' 18 - Brain damaged Teo goes on his first ever walkies and explores what is left of the laguna as the dry season starts.

19 Jan '18 - P
olice raided a nearby market and brought 14 confiscated puppies to us - all of them so terribly thirsty they fought over the water they were given. Some pups were sick and some have been adopted; the rest are keeping us busy cleaning up after them. 

14 Oct '17 - Chichi came to us this week having been found dumped in a bin!  She has congenital hip displacement, meaning she'll never be able to walk normally.  She's safe now with us.

13 Aug '17 - Cute little India looks as snug as a bug in one of the fleece dog coats we use for underweight puppies.

25 Apr '17 - Sweet little Sally was found wandering the streets and suffering from a venereal tumor.  She's now had veterinary treatment and will be ready for adoption soon.

11 Feb '17 - This cutie is Harriet, one of three tiny pups currently with us at Peru Street Dogs.

05 Jan '17 - This is Carla. She was used and used and used to provide puppies that her owner sold. She was denied food when her body could make no more money for her fat owner. PLEASE don’t buy puppies because this is the result of your actions. PLEASE get a pup or dog from the pound or one of the many charities who take in unwanted dogs. 

19 Nov '16 - Our baby Leona is doing so well after being found left to die on the highway. She is divinely naughty and we rejoice her health and personality everyday.

18 Sep '16 - We need a volunteer who can come to South America and live at Peru Street Dogs HQ to look after the dogs for 5 weeks from mid-December 2016 to mid-January 2017.  Please spread the word and help us find the right person.  Contact us for more info.

12 Aug '16 - Here's Cristina cuddling our latest arrival Olivia - she is half girl/half boy and has many genetic problems. Her tongue is so small we are feeding her with a spoon otherwise the food falls on the floor. It is a miracle that she has lived so long (one year) as she also suffers the effects of Distemper. Her body jiggles and she has no control over her mouth.

27 Jul '16 - We're celebrating our anniversary.  6 years in Peru and over 230 dogs helped in that time.  Take a look at this month's Shack Chronicle to find out more.

20 Mar '16 - Beto arrived with us this month.  He was found in a deep hole, unable to get out. He is blind, toothless, very old and very cuddly. He's safe with us now.

28 Dec '15 - This is our newest resident, we have named her Lucy Lu. She arrived with a large neck wound which is being treated, and she’s settling in well. Welcome Lucy Lu!

7 Nov '15 - Meet our latest arrival, Prince.  Found on the side of a road with a huge maggot infested wound; after nearly 3 weeks of intensive treatment at the clinic, yesterday he was well enough to come home to Peru Street Dogs.

24 Oct '15 - We have taken on the responsibility of providing food for a colony of cats!  See the latest Shack Chronicle for full details.

27 Jul '15 - Peru Street Dogs celebrates 5 years working in Peru!   Cristina has gone from living in a workman’s shed with 7 holes in the roof and feeding dogs in the streets, to being able to rent a house and garden where the sickest dogs can be nursed back to health; and where the dogs who are unable to survive on the streets for health/personality reasons can live out their days in comfort and safety.

30 Jun - Gorgeous Sofi was recently found wandering the streets with a huge maggot-filled hole in her shoulder.  She is now safe with us and healing nicely.

27 May - Our long term resident Yacka is critically ill and has been for the past week.  We believe he has consumed poison or glass due to a malicious act.  Bleeding internally, vomiting, skeletal and with his eyes rolled back he is slowly losing the fight for life.

12 February - Meet Sydney, one of our latest arrivals.  Like most of the dogs who come to us, he was found on the street starving and covered in mange.

1 January 2015 - HAPPY NEW YEAR
Click HERE and join us in a look back on some of highs and lows of 2014.

20 December - Our puppies are getting bigger and are starting to find new homes.

26 October - We have lots of cute but noisy puppies in our care at the moment! 

8 September - Meet Ben, one of our recent new arrivals at the Shack.  Just four months old and totally neglected by his ignorant owners.  A lack of calcium has caused problems with his legs so we are trying to rectify that by ensuring he gets regular trips to the vet to get injections of calcium.

10 August - Cristina is back in Peru and today Melissa commences the long journey back to the UK.  We wish her a safe flight.

31 July 2014 - Our volunteer Melissa has been at the Shack for almost 4 weeks now, and is doing a fine job looking after things while Cristina is away in Australia.  There is one dog in particular who has stolen her heart and that's sweet, gentle Vincent; and as you can see from this photo, we think the feeling is mutual.

4 June 2014 - We have been overwhelmed with the response to our appeal for dog collars.  Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time time and trouble to send them to us.  We are now closing our appeal for collars.

26 May 2014 - We received several offers in response to our recent appeal for a volunteer to come to Peru to look after the dogs in July/August; and we are now pleased to announce that Melissa Ilston from Suffolk, England will be taking up the challenge.  21 year-old Melissa has a Diploma in Animal Care, Welfare & Husbandry and has worked at three veterinary clinics, as well as undertaking volunteer work for the RSPCA.   Thanks to everyone who shared our appeal; and special thanks to those who contacted us offering to help.

27 Apr 2014 - Sweet little Coffee was adopted yesterday and has found her forever home.  Please consider making a donation to help us continue making a difference.

25 Apr 2014 - Can you send us a dog collar?  We are asking for non-leather collars for medium size dogs, clip on rather than with a buckle.  If you can help please send to our UK office by 5th June, or we have an alternative address in Australia... just email us for details.

6 Mar 2014 - "We think you're cool for what you do helping the dogs in Peru, so here's a photo of us especially for you."  We feel very special to receive this photo message from the world famous duo Haatchi & Little B:

22 Feb 2014 - Meet Dolly, one of the latest dogs to arrive.  She's big, she's beautiful and she needs a new home.  Read all about her in the latest Shack Chronicle.

31 Oct - Pinkie's days out on the streets are now a distant memory as she sits down for coffee with Cristina in the new shack!  Your donations help us to change lives.  THANK YOU!

8 Aug - Volunteers needed! The Amazon Shelter in Puerto Maldonado, Peru is looking for volunteers to help with their current project: returning native animals to the wild. These animals have been surrendered by or removed from people who have captured them as babies from the jungle (often after killing their mothers).  If you are interested in a unique vacation with some hands-on work with wild animals, please email Magali: msalinas@amazonshelter.org  Magali is fluent in English and Spanish and would welcome any replies. Thank you

28 Jul - The circus is currently in Puerto Maldonado complete with performing lion, which lives in this barren cage and is fed unwanted dogs.  We need everyone to email Presidente Ollanta Humala.  Please see this week's Shack Chronicle.

7 Jun - We wish Cristina a safe journey back to Australia for some well earned rest and time with her family.  When Cristina returns to Peru on 28th June she will be accompanied by her grandson Robbie.

16 May - How cool is this... a Peru Street Dogs postcard created by Jo Staniforth for distribution in Australia.  Thanks Jo!  (To see a bigger version of the postcard click HERE)

2 May - Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter our Name The Puppy competition on Facebook - the winning name 'Poppy' was suggested by Helen Louise Rhodes... we think it suits her perfectly!  What do you think?  Here she is....

12 Apr - What a fantastic result - after announcing that she would be fundraising for us at the Animal Liberation Dog Walk event, Jo Staniforth and her friends managed to raise $236 Australian Dollars (£155)!!  Absolutely brilliant.  Just take a look at the wonderful posters and wall displays on the stall.  Thank you so much Jo and friends for all you have done.

29 Mar - Great news from Peru Street Dogs supporter Jo Staniforth who will be fundraising for us at the Animal Liberation Dog Walk to be held in Adelaide, Australia.  Jo and her friends will be manning a stall and drumming up some much needed donations.  Thanks Jo, we hope the event is a big success

5 Mar - Cristina would love to hear from anyone who feels like writing to her. She is interested in hearing about your dogs, life in general, the news, what is going on in the world. She has almost no opportunity to speak English and apart from the BBC Global News podcasts and she has no idea what is happening in other countries besides Peru!  You can write to Cristina via this web site. Thank you.

7 Jan - Meet Finn, one of the newest arrivals... see how his ears have been damaged by vampire bats!  Read the full story in this week's Shack Chronicle

31 Jan - Yet another dog gets the chance of a better life thanks to your kind donations.  This is Tomas... read his story in this week's Shack Chronicles.

30 Dec - While Cristina is in Australia enjoying Christmas and New Year with her family, Liset, Germania and Jesus are struggling to cope with sickness among the dogs in their care. All have had the flu, Yacka was hit by a tuktuk and has a long gash in his side, Luna had convulsions after an injection for her cough, and poor Lulu has kidney failure. Dr Boris has been making house calls but with constant rain and the roads knee-deep in sticky mud it has been difficult for him to get to the Shack. His motorbike has broken down yet again and walking is almost impossible in the conditions as they are at present.  It is too hot in the dry season to work on roads in Puerto Maldonado so major work is started just as the rains start. What were clay tracks are bull-dozed, causing huge mud slides; men and women work all day in driving rain, covered in mud, trying to make new concrete roads out of lakes and rivers of poluted water.  Street dogs always suffer badly at this time: they shelter where they can, many of them under tables in the market where they are under constant threat of being kicked out. And so they roam the streets, soaking wet and dirty, mangy and thin; this is how Cristina's dogs survived until they came to live with her in the Shack. Only a lucky few, but with sterilization programmes, daily meals, and good vet treatment even the dogs who continue their lives on the streets are getting help.

3 Nov - SHOCKING NEWS:  We have received a report from a traveller to Machu Picchu who witnessed a dog 'execution by hanging' whilst walking the Inca Trail.  If anyone else has seen such an horrific thing in Peru please contact us with dates, place, any photos, number of people involved etc. This has to be reported to authorities in Peru, and action taken against the people involved.

Fancy a paid holiday in exotic Peru, with an opportunity to help some street dogs as well?  Cristina is looking for a capable person who loves dogs to mind hers while she spends Christmas in Australia. Please call us (+44 7801 505526) or email us at contact@perustreetdogs.co.uk 
to find out more.  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in volunteering with animals!

Would you like to sponsor a Peruvian Street Dog? For only $15-$20 per month you can have your very own Street Dog that is in the care of Cristina. Up for sponsorship are: Luna the puppy, who was removed from her family due to maltreatment and failure to seek vet care after Luna's leg was dislocated; Yacka who had been wandering the streets for weeks before Cristina managed to catch him, during which time he was attacked by children who threw stones at him to drive him away; little Milagro who is blind and has a broken jaw, and when found had more that 200 ticks on his tiny body; and Zen, who, due to Distemper has not much control over the movement of his mouth and eyes. He is also mentally challenged due to the same disease. You will get updates on your dog's progress with regular photos. Please contact this website to show your interest in adopting one of these dogs. You can also see their photos on Cristina's Facebook page.

13 Aug - Special thanks to Carlos Velasquez who has been offering car valet services in exchange for donations to Peru Street Dogs.  Carlos, originally from Peru but now resident in Shropshire, UK, hopes that his car washing activities will extend beyond family and friends.  "I hope it takes off and becomes a continuous thing so I can raise more money for the Peruvian Pooches."

7 Aug - This is Gracia [pictured below], who has been missing since 8th June this year. She decided to run after my tuk tuk taxi as I went to meet some friends in town, and she has not been seen again. We all miss her and I go looking for her every day but she has simply disappeared. I took this photo one day when she had been to the vet for her vaccinations against parvo and distemper, both diseases which are rampant here and kill more than two thirds of unvaccinated puppies. After visiting the vet I had to go to the supermarket, and Gracia enjoyed a ride in the trolley.

27 Jul - Sandie Cunningham (from Lancashire, UK) recently wrote in to BBC Radio 2's Paul O'Grady Show to tell them all about Cristina's wonderful work.  Sandie's efforts really paid off as not only was her letter read out on air, it was awarded 'Letter of the Week' - as a result the BBC sent a parcel of goodies all the way to Peru.  

4 Jul - Huge thanks go to Nic Brown (daughter of Cathy Brown) who set up a Facebook page to raise funds for Peru Street Dogs.  Anyone who donated more than $20 Australian Dollars was entered into a prize draw to win a hamper full of goodies kindly donated by the Cruelty Free Shop.  A total of $1048 Australian Dollars was raised and the hamper was won by Dennis Lopez after Cristina picked his name out of the pot.  The photo below (taken in Sydney, Australia) shows Cristina and Nic with the hamper.

18 Jun - Just look what happened in Southport, UK when the staff at The Pet Warehouse decided to empty their collection box... pictured below are Tracy, Beth and Alex along with Ella the cockatoo and an unsuspecting customer who got pulled into the picture!  Thank you very much ladies!

8 Jun - As Cristina prepares to catch her flight home to Australia tomorrow, so Cathy Brown has safely touched down in Puerto Maldonado and is busy learning the ropes prior to taking over for a few weeks.  Here's wishing you good luck Cathy - we look forward to reading about your experiences in the Shack Chronicles; and wishing you a safe flight home Cristina.

31 May - CLICK HERE and check out this ingenious new video created by Gaspar Rodriguez from Sidney, Australia.  Thanks very much Gaspar for helping to spread the word about Peru Street Dogs and generating more funds.  Love the video!

24 May - Cristina says: "Thank you very much to Maxine Heasman [pictured below] for setting up and keeping this web page running, for keeping a record of donations and sending them on to me, and for replying to emails that I receive through the web page. As well as being my best FB friend, she is also a saviour of hens, cats, birds in general; a world traveller and the author of two books."

6 May -  Sandie Cunningham deserves a big thank you for raising over £120 at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair in Lancashire, UK.  You can find out more about Sandie's hypnohealing therapy by visiting www.hypnohealing.org.uk

26th April - Cristina says: "I'd like to give a special mention to Tate and Mieke Fairhurst of Sydney, Australia. They are two children who would love a dog of their own but because of where they live, are unable to have one. And so these sweet and caring kids have adopted Pinkie [pictured below], who was so mistreated by her owner that I removed her and brought her to the Shack last September.

Tate and Mieke, with the help of their mother Danielle, make a monthly donation to Pinkie, and they have enabled her to be healed of the infected mange that she had, and to be sterilised. When I visited them in January to say thank you on behalf of Pinkie, Mieke gave me a  pink collar that she had choosen especially for Pinkie. Pink is Mieke's favourite colour, and what a coincidence it is also Pinkie's!"

17th March - Big thanks to Elaine and Sean Fairclough [pictured below] for displaying a Peru Street Dogs collection box in their pet shop in Mart Lane, Burscough, UK

15th March - Cristina's story gets publicity in a UK local newspaper.  To read the article click HERE

3rd March - two month old Ringo (pictured below) was found cowering in a doorway unable to move.  Sadly he had to be euthanised as he had parvovirus.  He is now buried in Cristina's garden.

1st March - thanks to Sandie Cunningham for creating and displaying posters in her local area this week

20th February, Rose (pictured below) was found on the street.  Believe it or not this 'bag of bones' has owners!  She is now on Cristina's feeding plan and the owners are being educated.

15th February, Oscar (pictured below) finds sanctuary with Cristina.

On 30th January, Cristina discovered Barabas (pictured below) in amongst rubbish in a shed... sadly his heart failed during his first visit to the vet.