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November 2015 - I am currently visiting Peru and staying in Cusco, on a trip out of town yesterday I was horrified at the number of dogs living on the streets. As a dog owner and lover It literally broke my heart to see so many sorry creatures looking sad, very poorly and underfed. They were in rubbish skips looking for food.  This prompted me to google this issue and that's where I found your web page.  Please keep up the good work and try and help as many as you possibly can. I'll certainly make a donation to your cause on my rerun home in a few days.  Kind Regards,  Julie


August 2015 - The work of yourself and Cristina is truly inspiring and I will try and help as much as I can. Both of you have a very special place in my heart, I'm touched that there are people like you who despite the plain ignorance and cruelty of others in the conditions and living standards where Cristina lives where most people look the other way have stood your ground doing what you believe in and are making a difference.    Keep up the good work, its not going unnoticed.  Dean


July 2015 - Hello, I am in need of some advice and help. I currently am in Copacabana, Bolivia and am looking into adopting a stray here. I will be travelling to Cusco for a week and then Lima for a day or two before catching my flight back to Canada. While in Cusco I will be travelling to Machu Picchu for about three days and would need a place to look after him. Also will be looking into getting his shots. Basically just looking for any advice or recommendations!  Thanks Lauren


May 2015 - Hello, My name is Samantha and I'm currently traveling through South America and am interested in adopting/rescuing a puppy to bring home to Canada. I don't know if your program does any adoptions but if so please let me know! Thank you so much!   Samantha


April 2014 - Hi!   Me and my boyfriend was in Cusco recently and fell in love with a little dog. Our wish is to take him to Sweden. We understand that it is going to take time and cost a lot of money but we are willing to do that.   Our problem is that he needs vaccins and its going to take 4-5 month before he can go to Sweden and we dont have the possibility to stay for that long. Can he lives at your place or do tou know anyone that can help us? Off course we pay for everything.   Regards Annika


March 2013 - Hi Cristina,I have seen your web page, that is why I contacted you. I have been in India for 7 years. I was a volunteer with Animal Aid in Udaipur for 2 years, then moved down south to Mamallapuram just outside Chennai.  I don't have a vet, I just use my experience as a nurse to try to help the street dogs.

Like you its usually mange,bite wounds etc.  There is no Dr locally, the nearest is in Chennai 60kms away.  If there is anything I can't help then i take the dogs to the Blue Cross also in Chennai.  I have a neutering program, which has been sponsored by a trust in UK, this is carried out by the Blue Cross.  I spend most days walking to see my dogs, and just making friends with them, this helps when i have to treat them if they get in trouble.

There are a couple of vets in my area but they work for the govt and have no experience with dogs,and also little interest.I think our situations are very similar,a lot of people dont want street dogs,and they will throw bricks,and be generally cruel to them.  In the past 40 dogs were shot by gypsies on the beach,at the request of local hotels etc.I made my feelings very clear to local officials what would happen if they do that again. Bad publicity, support from other welfare groups etc.   What about you,i suppose you see lots of mange etc,what other problems do you encounter?  Do you live in Peru all year round? Elaine



January 2014 - Hello Cristina,  I am not sure if you remember me but I had sent you an email last March after returning from Peru where I was shocked by the conditions of the dogs there.   I had read all your blogs and was searching for someone or some organization who was helping the poor dogs In Peru and that's when I found you. It has been amazing to see the impact you have had in the community and more so for the dogs you have helped and saved.
After lots of debate and one very convincing peruvian husband..we have decided to relocate to Lima. I am not as bold as you are to move to such a remote village with harsher climates, but I plan on making a change. For the past 7 years I've only worked with dogs and have a strong knowledge of canine behaviour, rescue work, health and nutrition, and hope I can put that to good use!
My father in law and his sister both own houses in Naplo which is directly beside Pucusana, the small place I was telling you about where the dogs were in ROUGH shape. As I mentioned, its a small fishing village with lots of people there in summer time and only 45min-1 hour south of lima. I plan on spending time there to maybe start some food drives, offer supplies/ medication or whatever I can bring during my move in November.
You said you wanted to relocate and find a place with larger land space and I am sure the homes in this area are much more affordable than in the city. It might be worth looking into. I would love to stay in touch to hear how you and your pack are doing and your plans for your new home. Best Regards,Diane.

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