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Life is tough for the street dogs of Peru, and Cristina Corales is doing something about it.  This web site has been created to tell you the story, to ask for your help and to keep you regularly updated.

Based in the Amazonian jungle town of Puerto Maldonado in a simple house surrounded by banana palms and huge mango trees, Cristina lives with rescued dogs, all with varying degrees of health issues. Their number ranges from 12 (the permanent group) up to sometimes as many as 24.  Cristina is also helping to improve the lives of many neglected dogs on the streets.  Most of the dogs suffer from malnutrition, sores, mange and flea/tick infestations as well as the occasional case of cruelty.  In addition to caring for many dogs in her own home, Cristina also runs feeding and sterilisation programmes for both dogs and cats, and helps by providing free veterinary care where necessary. 

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Cristina Corales


Twice a year Cristina returns to Australia for some R and R and to visit her family. She is always looking for caring, dog-loving people to mind her dogs while she's away. Two complete strangers offered, one from England and one from Australia. 
The first to go to Peru was Joe, a lovely young man from England who cared for the dogs so well, and he coped with emergencies wonderfully. He had to find a vet who would operate on Frida dog who had a hernia, then another who fixed up Frida when her stitches fell out, and all without speaking hardly one word of Spanish. He even learnt to use a machete to clear a track to the Shack when things got too overgrown.   When Cristina returned to Peru Joe was able to explore the jungle and had some mighty adventures on a couple of tours up the Tambopata River by canoe.
The second person was Cathy, a vet originally from Malaysia, now living in Australia. She also couldn’t speak a word of Spanish, and despite trying very hard, found the pronunciation so difficult that she had to give up so instead of talking, she won everybody’s hearts with her permanent smile, laughter and very amusing sign language.  Cathy managed to do a rescue -: she found a skinny, sick and hairless dog who she took home to the Shack and nursed back to health. She gave him the name Tolstoy and he has turned out to be the most intelligent of all the rescued dogs and a real charmer as well.   After Cathy had done her turn of caring for the dogs, she also went up-river to a jungle lodge, and then with some friends of Cristina’s to Cusco and up into the foot-hills of the Andes to see the famous fiesta of the Virgen held there once a year.

Our third volunteer from outside of Peru was Melissa Ilston who came all the way from Suffolk in England to spend 5 weeks caring for the dogs.  Melissa did a great job in conditions that she had never encountered before; as well as having to care for the dogs, she had the added stress of one dog going missing (Macra, who has never been found) and two dying.  She handled all situations calmly and the dogs adored her. They also adored all the piles of toys she bought for them.  Melissa hopes to return to Peru one day with her new boyfriend, to show him the places she got to know, and to meet the dogs again. She will be welcomed by them with licks and barks and they will again jump all over her.

 Anyone thinking of volunteering with street dogs in Peru should contact this web site. You could have the experience of a life-time!


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